3 comments on “Want Out?

  1. Your words are very timely in that we are talking about “justice” tonight with our Monday Night College Group. Our desire for justice is birthed by our perception that things in this world are unfair. God on the other hand, is the only One that can define what moral rightness really is. And He wants us to commit ourselves to bringing about His standards here on earth. Not an easy task!

  2. First of all ,thank you Steve for putting this out there for us all ! Being in recovery ,I know God puts certain things in our way for a reason.We must go through it to get to it ! Going through it has always taught me something, patience, perseverance, persistance. God surely knows what we need,we have to be willing to accept it for what it is .Acceptance is huge for me ,because sometimes things are what they are,as they say things just happen.How we look at them and deal with them can be very tricky for someone in recovery. I’ve accepted my recovery with open arms,because without it I would not have had my change of heart.With it I look at things in a whole different light .Thanks again Steve!!

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