9 comments on “Lessons Learned from RM #4186

  1. Thanks for the lessons ,we all need them .I hope you get well soon .Thinking about you and praying for you my friend . Hope you get some rest soon !! Love you brother!! Dennis C.

  2. Feel so bad for you Steve, I’m praying for you and trusting for a speedy recovery. Stay strong and remember I love you dear nephew!

  3. It has often been said (and it was a lesson that I learned, too) that those of us who have had a lifetime of service in medicine (emergency or otherwise) have a pretty tough learning curve as a patient. I can relate to all of your lessons here – and thanks for sharing. Now, fell better soon and get home!! You are loved, cared for, and prayed for by so many!!

  4. When you are there and in need of medical help ,there is no better place to be,I have been in both of those situations, there as a Patient And there to serve, wish I could be there to serve now, I think my nursing skills would come back quickly. Get well soon, Love and prayers!

  5. Why . . . I am Dr. Cauthen and I am here to insert your foley! “Hold STILL!”

    Wish I would have been there. I would have been MORE than happy to break up that congestion in your lungs.

    Love ya, man! Get better. Not right seeing you on the wrong side of breathing tx.

    • Well Dr. Cauthen…sure wish you were here! Miss ya brother! Thought of you when I was in the ER a few nights ago and 3 medic students swarmed over me thinking they would save the day. After a few IV attempts on me, I encouraged them but told them they were done and to get someone else to start it. Felt so bad for them, but remembered we all had to go through that! As far as the foley goes, all the plumbing is working well at this point….but believe me, as much as I love and trust you, you’d be the very last person I’d call to insert tha thing if the drain dries up (ha)! Love ya!

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